Monday, April 2, 2012

Bright, Loud, colorful and Chic.. Spring at Esther's has arrived

Its spring..or as we in Kuwait know it..the Onset of Summer! Which means its officially spring cleaning time. So whether you've started yours yet or know that Esther's Attic has not only commenced its spring cleaning as of last week but has undergone its spring overhaul. The Result : fresh new stock of new, bright, and outspoken colors gracing the attic. Florals, denims in the seasons hot colors, summer dresses, we've got it all (check out the ladies in the pics posing with some of the latest additions).

P.S I did pick my hot blue denims last week so incase you're thinking of picking any of the latest addition to the attic, do make sure you make it this Saturday between 10am - 1pm for a guaranteed steal at amazing prices;)

We also have our Yard sale the same day from 9 am - 1pm.

So how's that for a 2 birds 1 stone deal :)

See you all soon.

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