Monday, May 14, 2012

May Fayre Sadu House Bazaar Fun times

An Absolute day of fun at the back drop of sunny weather
with soft clouds in the sky and crisp air around..needless to say we almost did get a fright on Thursday night courtesy of the sudden dust in the air..but all turned out well :)

The team had an absolute blast manning the diwaniya and serving the visitors at the Bazaar with all kinds of savories and sweets, wide selection of Almarai Juices ( Thank you for your amazing donation Almarai), to homemade lemonade and other beverages.

Thanks to all those that came and supported us as a sponsor, visitor, baker, donor and volunteer. You all make it possible time and again :)

Our dedicated and Committed Volunteers Shereen and Farah from the American Univeristy of Kuwait (AUK) manning the Cashier

Our raffle prize Quilt

The Almarai Fridge and early visitors at the Diwaniya

Natassha's Deslisssh and delightful cookies (*drool)

Operation HOPE's creative Genius Jackie White at work for the Diwaniya Kitchen display

 Our dedicated volunteer Amber Coe Volunteering and goofing around

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