Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thank you for supporting us with the toiletries donations.

Dear community, thank you for your support in helping us collect the items for our outreach activity for the deportation centre. The support has been great. We are scheduled to pack and drop these items on Saturday ( Aug 23) at 730 am. Those interested to volunteer and haven't confirmed your presence yet, please email us on

Volunteering activity on Saturday Mornings at HOPE House.

Our young volunteer Cole Stanley busy hanging clothes getting things ready for Esthers opening in October.

Volunteers Cole, Matt and Caleb Stanley this morning on sorting and steaming duty at HOPE house preparing for our October opening

Volunteer Tumi this morning on steaming duty at HOPE house

Our enthusiastic volunteers Marina, Christian, Janice, Tamara, Allyson, Marina and Chita busy sorting and posing for our camera at HOPE house this morning.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to our donor Ms Zeina Al Khatib for her donation of Non perishable food items during Ramadan. The embassy shelters were the blessed recipients of these items. Should you wish to donate in kind, here's a lovely and blessed w...ay to make your donation. Rice,Sugar,Oil,Dry beans,Tea bags,Canned foods w/ flip-top openings,Dry milk (Nido Milk Poweder)
,Tomato paste, Pasta. For more donation details, visit our website

Special note from the Hateen Shelter

Dear community, here is a special handwritten thank you note from some ladies at an embassy shelter that have expressed their appreciation on receiving donations over the past few weeks. Your community donations have made this possible. Thank you for being their HOPE in every little way.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Message from Operation HOPE Team on July appeal.

Dear Friends of Operation HOPE Kuwait,

What a week we've had here at the premises of OH Kuwait! The phone didn't stop ringing, messages arrived throughout every day and long into every night, while our door bell rang and rang and rang. All of this activity due to the incredible outpouring of support which arrived soon after our APPEAL for support went out last week. So here's the latest (and greatest) news:

The 5 AC units, which were desperately needed at the Embassy Shelter, were immediately purchased by a very generous Kuwaiti patron, and installed the very next day! And now, the more than one-hundred shelter wards staying at that shelter are finally being kept cooler in this summer's stifling heat!

Syed's wheelchair was also purchased ~ by the same Kuwaiti patron! He has been measured for his custom-made wheelchair and it is expected to be ready for his use within 45 - 60 days.

On an aside, the salesman at Al Eassa Medical Supply mentioned that there is another child in need of a wheelchair. Saleisha, a 3 year old Philippino boy who has had numerous open heart surgeries amongst other health-related challenges, has now also been gifted with an expensive custom-designed wheelchair through the generous sponsorship by a second Kuwaiti patron, and his wheelchair will be delivered in the same time frame as Syed's!!

And finally, Jovi ~ the Philippina who was left paralyzed through a traffic accident, will be returning to her native homeland immediately following the Eid holiday. Through the generosity of this amazing community Jovi's needs will be met for years to come. The overwhelming response to her plight has brought donations in excess of anything we could have expected. She has also been gifted with a wheelchair, a suitcase full of new clothing, a beautiful leather handbag with matching wallet and travelling funds. Her three daughters and one adopted son will be flown from their province of Mindenao to Manilla to receive the mother whom they haven't seen in more than 10 years. Accomodations for Jovi's daughters are being covered by another Kuwaiti family who are led to support this family's needs for now.

Kuwaiti sisters, Mariam and Nooriyah have blessed Jovi. They have spent much of their time in Jovi's room, taking in freshly made Philippino foods and desserts; and they have even Skyped with Jovi's daughters from Jovi's hospital room so that mother and daughters could begin their reunion! They sing songs to and with Jovi, and they bring a cheerful spirit each and every time they see her. And these amazing sisters have collected an incredible sum of support for Jovi and her family. They are the wisdom behind posting Jovi's case on Instagram, Twitter and What'sapp, and they are a blessing to my life and to the mission of Operation HOPE Kuwait.

We can all agree that God works in amazing ways and to prove His provision I wish to conclude this update with the narration of a recent conversation...

Chita and I had gone to visit Jovi a 2nd time and stayed with her about an hour. As we were preparing to leave her hospital room I bent over Jovi's bed and whispered into her ear, "Jovi dearest, soon you are going home to be with your family. Do you believe me?" With tears pouring down her face she answered, "I prayed and prayed that God would send someone to help me, and He sent you. Yes, I believe you. I am finally going home." When Jovi prayed for God to send someone to help her He also sent you! We serve a mighty God who hears the crys of His children all around the world. This is one truth we can depend on no matter what. So on that note I wish to thank each and every one of you for the support which has brought blessings to these needy brothers and sisters of ours. Your love, compassion and willingness to serve others has brought joy in volumes too great to articulate. You are appreciated.

Sheryll Mairza

Eid Wishes From the team at Operation HOPE Kuwait.

The team at Operation HOPE wish everyone a blessed and Safe Eid.

Saturday Moments at HOPE House.

Meet the A team - our hands on, energetic and upbeat group of volunteers that make sure donations get dropped off at the embassy shelter every Saturday. Pictured here (left - right) Frieda, Marina Mcguire, Christian Agnelo, and Marina Desouza with Embassy shelter staff on Saturday morning during donation drop off.

Non perishable food and toiletry donations received earlier last week from the G4S team, waiting to be unloaded at the embassy shelter.

Food donations being unloaded at the embassy shelter on Saturday morning.