Sunday, April 15, 2012

Latest Baking Talent in town and Some Esther's Bits and Bobs


This weekend Esther's Attic had some friends over post the Easter Holidays fun and frolic :)
Yes you guessed it right. The delights you see ( above pictures) is courtesy of the latest baking talent in Kuwait, Natasa Tasic.

The above pictures probably do not do adequate justice to the meticulous attention to detail and its delish looking appeal and taste.. but hey we are making an effort.. an effort to showcase just how good it is and an effort to let you know that if you haven't tasted this piece of " Yum O" are missing out.

Natasha's baking goodness will be available at Esther's Attic soon along with featuring at our upcoming spring bazaar at the Sadu House on May 12 ( watch this space for more details).

In the meantime, if you guys missed out an Esther's visit this weekend, here's some of the bits and bobs that could have been yours at a Steal! To name a few a classic CD by Nabeel Shuail, a DVD featuring on the story of Oil in Kuwait, some traditional and ethnic souvenirs and a special autographed Jonas Brothers portrait picture :)

Here's a heads up to you all..we would be closing Esther's Attic for the summer and return back in the fall (early October). So your count down to come visit us begins as of this week.

T - 6 weeks till we close and our mega sale before we close is scheduled for May 5th from

7 AM - 12 PM
Mark your calenders guys.!

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