Monday, April 30, 2012

Vote of Thanks : 18th Annual Mother's Day, April 2012

Ms Amira Peter (left), Ms Sakina Mairza (right) 
Operation HOPE’s annual Mother’s day event ended on a successful note. As much as the overall endeavor was a team effort and we pulled it beautifully..none of it would have been possible without the meticulous effort, patience and drive of Ms. Amira Peter. Thank you for being the head on event coordinator and pulling this one ever so gracefully to ensure a successful finale. You are a true star.
Thanks also to our volunteers from the American University of Kuwait Ms Shereen Al Buloushi and Ms Farah A Ali for making it in the wee hours of the morning. Your drive, commitment and enthusiasm to work represent the bright side of today’s local youth. We are ever so proud.
Lastly a special Thanks to the OH founder Ms Sheryl Mairza, for having given us all HOPE.
Cheers all!

Operation HOPE 18th Annual Mother's Day Breakfast

The pictures may not do justice to the amount of sheer fun we had with the team and ladies who made the 18th annual Operation HOPE Mothers day event at The ONE CAFÉ, Marina possible last Saturday. Special guest DeNeece Tueller, wife of the American Ambassador graced the occasion with her presence from the early start of the day. The day saw some great fun with the silent auction, to random door prizes to playing “ The price is right”. All this over simple laughter and a hearty scrumptious breakfast. Could we ask for more J What a Day! Il let the pictures speak for themselves!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More color, more bolds and more Esther's

                       This is how we are bringing in the summer at Esther's Attic 

Loud.. bold and colorful! The way its meant to be :)

           Guys, 3 things for you'll to remember as we head to that much needed weekend

1. Save all your dinars for that mega sale Esther's is hosting on May 5th, 7 am - 12 pm
2. Save the date for fun day at Sadu House on May 12th 10 am - 4pm, where Operation HOPE would be running the kitchen with the most decadent selection of sweets and yummy savories.
3. And do pass by Esther's this weekend, if not for anything but just to try on the beautiful  dresses we have for this season.
You wont regret it :)

Be exceptionally good to one another.

                                                    See you soon at Esther's.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birds Eye View of Esther's Attic


Here’s a birds eye view of what’s available at Esther’s until
a) We close for the summer and / or  
b) Until you buy it from us J ( we prefer the latter)

So here’s the deal. We are open every Friday (9am – 11 am) and Saturday (9am – 12 pm) until May 26 after which we would close for the summer and open in the fall sometime early October.
We are located in Rumaithiya block 9, street 92, house 23.
You know what you have to do!
So make a trip to our store this Friday or Saturday right after that weekend breakfast goodness and we assure you some retail goodness! We promise you quality budget shopping and some fun time :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Latest Baking Talent in town and Some Esther's Bits and Bobs


This weekend Esther's Attic had some friends over post the Easter Holidays fun and frolic :)
Yes you guessed it right. The delights you see ( above pictures) is courtesy of the latest baking talent in Kuwait, Natasa Tasic.

The above pictures probably do not do adequate justice to the meticulous attention to detail and its delish looking appeal and taste.. but hey we are making an effort.. an effort to showcase just how good it is and an effort to let you know that if you haven't tasted this piece of " Yum O" are missing out.

Natasha's baking goodness will be available at Esther's Attic soon along with featuring at our upcoming spring bazaar at the Sadu House on May 12 ( watch this space for more details).

In the meantime, if you guys missed out an Esther's visit this weekend, here's some of the bits and bobs that could have been yours at a Steal! To name a few a classic CD by Nabeel Shuail, a DVD featuring on the story of Oil in Kuwait, some traditional and ethnic souvenirs and a special autographed Jonas Brothers portrait picture :)

Here's a heads up to you all..we would be closing Esther's Attic for the summer and return back in the fall (early October). So your count down to come visit us begins as of this week.

T - 6 weeks till we close and our mega sale before we close is scheduled for May 5th from

7 AM - 12 PM
Mark your calenders guys.!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yard Sale Madness, Fun and Frolic



If pictures were worth a 1000 words, our weekend rendezvous at OH would have a story to tell. A story perhaps best told over a good cup of tea and some wafers which happened to be in abundant supply during the busy hours of our Yard sale Saturday morningJ A time best described and documented as fun, relentless and worth every sweat.
Ikea furniture in gently used condition to other household items and goodies were some of the things that were available during last Saturdays yard sale and easily were sold out within hours of opening to the public ..and boy were we ecstatic! Those who made it to make it a successful day..Cheers to you all..those who's your chance to ' Save the date' for our next sale in the month of May.
Watch this space for more details.
 Be exceptionally good to one and all everyone.