Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter Warmth 2013 Packing kicks off at HOPE House.

OH kicked off the 2013 Winter Warmth Campaign yesterday with the packing of the first batch of winter hamper bags. A Huge round of thanks and appreciation to the great volunteer turn out from the Boy scouts under the supervision of scout coordinator Ryan Buist, the students from GUST and other volunteers from the community that joined to successfully pack 660 bags!

We also thank our exemplary volunteers from AIS (David, Syed, Ahmed) and the ASK volunteer group under Ms Lauren’s super vision along with Chita, Ann, Jason  who helped us champion through a busy day at Esther’s and sorting the incoming donations!

What a productive day at HOPE house.
Thank you all once again.
Please watch out for updates on the next packing activity scheduled for next Saturday