Friday, March 30, 2012

More goodness, More student Stars and..more HOPE

And the goodness continues all :)

About 2 weeks ago a vibrant team of young girls from the Amercian Academy for Girls visited the OH Premises with a generous supply of non perishable food supplies, a dedicated and calculated result of a school wide food drive. Canned food items to other needful supplies all sorted, packed, boxed and delivered to the OH premises.

The food supplies were immediately dispatched to one of our key domestics contact in Jabriya who orgnanises a timely kitchen to cook for domestics within a pre determined area.

Thank You AAG team, for being the efficient and ever so responsible team year after year attending to those in need within our local community. You'll stand to be a true testament to the fact that Operation HOPE's goodwill ambassadors are spread out far and long and need not have to be present on premises to work and multiply efforts of goodness.

You all are true super stars :)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Student Stars at Operation HOPE

Hey all!
Did I mention we have been lucky and blessed.
Not just with the mere support we receive from each one of you as a community everyday but also to be fortunate enough and be in the presence of some exceptionally well rounded and strong young individuals..our student volunteers who continue to stretch their energy, efforts, wit and muscle not to mention their weekend time with us to make the impossible ‘possible’.
Our regular volunteers Abdul Mo7sin, Ebrahim and Suzana recently helped Operation HOPE with the procurement, logistics and supplies management of a toiletries drive for a domestic group of 180 people. The overall process was smooth, efficient and so much fun with this group. Needless to say we would be incomplete without this efficient and ever so lively bunch.  
So cheers to you guys for representing today’s “local” youth in the best light and we hope you continue to do so everyday here and everywhere.

In other news, did you guys know HOPE came in all shapes, sizes and flavours. True Story :) Sitting on our counters at Esther's Attic this week is the HOPE Moisturizer set featured above at just KD 1.5. It is in a soft flavour tone and can be all yours.. provided you show up on Saturday between 10am - 1pm at Esther's Attic in Rumaithiya block 9 street 92 house 23.

You would also catch our BBS student volunteers ( Ebrahim, Nasser, Abdulmohsen, Talal and Ali) at play as caught red handed on camera below. But we believe all work and no play makes Operation HOPE just plain old Dull.

See you all Saturday :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post National Day Weekend Sales

Heyall! Have you been to Esther's Attic lately??!!

Post our national day sales, the boutique has donned several treasures from clothing items, household material, baby wear and other knick knacks. With clothing ranges showcasing some vintage mix and match items to some dated silk and satin blouses, designer jeans and an array of geometric patterns, we have housed quality on the thrift fashion front. I finally managed to find my vintage 90’s style oversized jacket and needless to say at a bargain price( yay) !. I wish I’d gotten lucky with some of the household crockery as well which went out quicker than they came in J but hey…finders keepers ;)

This week Esther’s Attic has Elizabeth Taylor visiting in the form of a beautiful charcoal sketch portrait at an unbelievable price. Sitting next to it is an original copy of “ The taming of the Shrew” selling at Kd 1 only! We also have a gently used expresso/ coffee machine at our household and kitchen corner. Check out the condition and you tell me its not a steal at just KD 20. Hey do come visit us this Saturday from 10 am – 1pm. We have so much more at unbelievable prices and in great condition. I could go on writing about it but seeing is believing J

See you all soon.