Friday, March 30, 2012

More goodness, More student Stars and..more HOPE

And the goodness continues all :)

About 2 weeks ago a vibrant team of young girls from the Amercian Academy for Girls visited the OH Premises with a generous supply of non perishable food supplies, a dedicated and calculated result of a school wide food drive. Canned food items to other needful supplies all sorted, packed, boxed and delivered to the OH premises.

The food supplies were immediately dispatched to one of our key domestics contact in Jabriya who orgnanises a timely kitchen to cook for domestics within a pre determined area.

Thank You AAG team, for being the efficient and ever so responsible team year after year attending to those in need within our local community. You'll stand to be a true testament to the fact that Operation HOPE's goodwill ambassadors are spread out far and long and need not have to be present on premises to work and multiply efforts of goodness.

You all are true super stars :)


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