Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yard Sale Madness, Fun and Frolic



If pictures were worth a 1000 words, our weekend rendezvous at OH would have a story to tell. A story perhaps best told over a good cup of tea and some wafers which happened to be in abundant supply during the busy hours of our Yard sale Saturday morningJ A time best described and documented as fun, relentless and worth every sweat.
Ikea furniture in gently used condition to other household items and goodies were some of the things that were available during last Saturdays yard sale and easily were sold out within hours of opening to the public ..and boy were we ecstatic! Those who made it to make it a successful day..Cheers to you all..those who didnt..here's your chance to ' Save the date' for our next sale in the month of May.
Watch this space for more details.
 Be exceptionally good to one and all everyone.

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