Monday, July 8, 2013

Joining the HOPE House during the summer time.

Dear all,
Aristotle had once coined that “Hope is a waking dream”.
Im sure we all somewhere couldn’t agree more with this notion as we live through our lives day in and day out, hoping for a better life, a better tomorrow, a better choice and a better set of endeavors to look forward to. Amidst all this, what continues to remain constant is the relentless HOPE among us.
This HOPE also continues to transcend even through the ruthless heat of the Kuwait Summer at HOPE house where volunteers continue to progress with the summer sorting every Saturday between the hours of 730 am – 9am. The results so far has been fruitful and a blessing. This is how:
Last week we were able to
·         Pack and deliver about 4-5 boxes of Children’s books to Ms. Amina kebbeh  to support her cause on the collection of children’s books for a library in Gambia
·         Pack 4-5  bags of soft toys which were dispatched towards Ms Tracy Pereira’s “Ready, Set, Love” Mission that supports  and provides Children with toys in countries like India, Afghanistan and Africa.
·         Continue to provide designated embassy shelters with everyday use clothing and footwear items for serving the needs of those in need.
Our work continues even through the summer and you help us make this possible.
We may not say this enough, but Thank you volunteers. We appreciate all of you that support us. Whether it is by coming on an early Saturday morning at the cost of sacrificing your weekend snooze time, or by silently supporting our cause in your own humble manner. Thank you.
So should you be interested in joining us this Saturday or any Saturday during or After Ramadan,  from 730 am – 9am., you know where to find us. We meet at HOPE house, Rumathiya, Block 9, st 92 house 23.
Operation HOPE Team

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