Monday, July 22, 2013

Website Technical Downtime.

Dear all,

We are not sure how many of you'll noticed ( hopefully none of you : ))  but if you did we appologise.
Our website has been facing technical difficulties off late in terms of certain malware issues. No reason for alarm incase the "M" word triggered any code red in your head :0) 
Our in house IT expert is currently working closely with the concerned folks at Google and the other network fraternity to sort the matter out easy peasy at the earliest. 

Until then, you may be wondering..Can you still access our webpage?  Yes. Most definetly. However incase any funny message does pop up with the "M" word, please dont let it frighten you : ) 

In the meantime, our email communications, blog page and telephone line continue to be fully functional should you wish to reach us.


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