Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bits and Bob at Operation HOPE

We may have been awfully quiet over the past couple of months which would have translated into the zero number of activities on this page. However, the same does not speak for our actions during this time. 

To wrap up the season on a successful note prior to settling down as people set out for their summer break, we were geared for a solid string of events on our agenda whether it was hosting our 19th annual Mothers Day event at the English Tea room lounge on April 27th or organizing the Women’s Day Toiletries Drive for about 400 Maids at the Embassy Shelter on 4th May, we have been tied up amidst our efforts in serving humbly. Hence the delay in sharing some of those moments with you on this space.

You will be pleased to know that ,with the help of each and every one of our dedicated volunteers, we were able to organize, plan and initiate yet another successful season on a positive note.

Below are some moments captured during the above mentioned.

Volunteers busy with logistic management of the toileteries at the Women's day toilteries drive.

Toilterie friendship bags ready to be distributed to the maids.

Some of our dedicated volunteers taking a quick breather before event kick off. 

More friendship bags to be distributed.

And finally, we sealed off all endeavours with an appreciation dinner with some of our key volunteers.

We may have closed for the summer, but do remember that we continue to operate every saturday with Volunteers meeting from 730 am - 830 am to sort through the weekly donations recieved.

Should you be interested in dropping off donations over the summer, you may do so either on Saturdays (7am – 9am) and Tuesdays (8am - 10 am and 5pm – 7pm)

We wish you all a safe and blessed Summer time.


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