Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Time Activities in Operation HOPE Kuwait.

Dear all,

Despite the heat reaching its challenging peak as the summer continues, we hope each one of you are being able to enjoy the little pleasures among us, whether it is the shorter working hours, slower pace of things, the luxury of working in air conditioned shaded space, perhaps even those well planned forthcoming weekend / summer getaways, and not to forget enjoying that juicy watermelon at the end of a long hot day.

No matter what your choice of blessing may be, we hope you are counting it every day. 

The team at Operation HOPE continues to be appreciative of its blessings as well that come every week in the form of donations from the community. Volunteers continue to meet all through summer every Saturday from 730 am - 830 am to sort through these donations. Here's how you can also join in. 

  • Be a sorting volunteer by joining us at HOPE House at 730 am on a Saturday and help us sort through weekly donations till 830 am.
  • Be a drop off volunteer - Every week the team drops off clothing donations to the embassy shelters between 830 am - 930 am. We always need volunteers with vehicles for this.
  • Be a stocker at Esther's Attic - As we prepare to reopen Esther's Attic for the fall in October, new stock of clothing donations are sorted and steamed for display.
  • Be an OH ambassador from home- If coming during Saturday morning is inconvenient for you, dont feel bad about it. We understand how this schedule may not suit all but you can always contribute should you wish. Spread the word among your friends and family and you could be the collection point for all the donations from them and have it delivered it to us . Our donation drop off time is Saturday's from 7am - 11 am. 

Have a great weekend all.

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