Sunday, February 2, 2014

ASK donations sent from Lost and Found.

Operation HOPE recently received 3 bags of gently used donations from the American School of Kuwait. Donations that made their way to our humble abode as a result of items that collected over time in the lost and found section of the school. Thanks to one of our key benefactors Ms Summer Al Hajjaj who initiated communication with the school to ensure these items could be channeled to Operation HOPE as donations.

With the help of our Saturday volunteers we were able to home these donations to a designated embassy shelter where they are needed.

Thank you American School of Kuwait for cooperating with this transfer of donation.
Thank you Ms Summer Al Hajjaj for being that ambassador of Operation HOPE and initiaiting the effort to make this happen.

We continue to remind ourselves that every bit counts.

Every Bag of donation.
Every KD.
Every effort.
Every volunteer.
Every one of you.

Thank you.

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