Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An update on Jay Shankar, Landmine victim.

Dear Folks,

It is often believed that the little pleasures of life come in small unexpected packages and moments of life. In the peak of the winter time these days we recently recieved one such piece of information that warmed our hearts....

You may remember Mr. Jay Shankar, the shepperd who had an unfrotunate landmine accident in Kuwait earlier this year and who Operation HOPE initiated to help through its humble monthly contribution of KD 50 to support his family expenses during this ordeal.

You will be happy to know that Jay went home to India 2 months ago where he joined his family and dear ones. He is now in the process of trying to revive a new chapter in his life.

Jay makes a short call to us each month from India when he receives the money. The last month he put his older son on the phone and asked them to say "thank you" in English to us. Needless to say it was a very heart warming and encouraging experience for us.

Since the time this incident has happened, Operation HOPE will have supported Jay for a total of 9 months.
We want to thank you, the community at large who have supported our mission to support Jay during this time. As we continue to reach out to more such domestics within Kuwait, we look forward to your support.

Thank you for letting us experience so many of these little happy moments. We are blessed.

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