Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Honoring Those Who Serve

Key contributing members of OH were thanked for their service in 2011 

In a bid to show our appreciation for some of our key long standing volunteers who have stood by us regularly during 2011 we held a lunch in their honor this past Saturday. We were happy to take the oppurtunity to celebrate some of the most dedicated individuals who have served, and continue to serve, the OH cause through thick and thin.

Dear OH Team ~ I wish to take this opportunity to thank each one individually for the gifts of skill and sacrifice of time you give to OH so freely and regularly.  Your dedication to OH, and now to Esther's Attic, is both humbling and magnificently appreciated.  My heart warms upon each remembrance of what each one offers of him or herself to advance this mission of mercy for Kuwait's neediest.  There are days when, in awe, I wonder just how it is that God has blessed Operation HOPE with so many willing hands and hearts.  You are uniquely gifted in the capacity for which you serve OH.  God has given freely to you; and you now give freely of His gifting to Operation HOPE.

Love and blessings,

Our event was graciously sponsored by Mahboula Mais Alghanim in the Spoons mall where we enjoyed great food and kind service. Thank you to all those who support Operation HOPE!  

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